Unity Audio Solid Link Interconnects

Unity Audio Solid Link Interconnects

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With so many cable choices on the market today and most having a huge markup, Unity Audio Canada offers you reference quality cables at real world prices. No miracle, snake oil claims to charge you thousands of dollars for a cable. The Solid Link™ have stood the test of time by satisfying the most discriminating music lovers since 2005.

This cable uses a twisted pair of 18awg high purity solid core conductors with a foil shield to reject noise. Terminated with Furutech FP162 RCA connectors with high content lead-free SILVER solder.


  • High purity solid copper conductors in a twisted pair configuration
  • Shielded with Mylar foil to reject noise (Un-shielded version upon request at no additional cost)
  • Furutech RCA connectors with a pure copper centre conductor and Teflon insulation
  • Soldered using high content silver solder
  • Outer jacket protects the cable from abrasion, and makes it look great!

Hand crafted in Canada

A portion of the profits from the sale will be donated to cancer research.